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Space Weather Services

Space weather describes the conditions in space that affect Earth and human activities. It is mainly determined by the solar activity and is related to phenomena such as:

  • solar energetic particle events
  • geomagnetic storms
  • enhancements in the Van Allen belts
  • ionospheric disturbances
  • auroras
  • geomagnetic induced currents

Several models and databases are provided by scientists and engineers to understand, evaluate and predict the phenomena and their effects on technological systems (e.g. GPS). A direct access to this information is not always possible and certainly not for the general public.

Our long-term goal is to provide a number of human and technical services bringing out the scientific and technical expertise of our institute on the space environment and  its effects.  Such services should contribute to educating, informing and providing user-friendly applications for all kinds of users (the general public, space engineers, policy makers, ...).


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