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BIRA-IASB uses a variety of teaching tools to promote aeronomy to the general public. For example, this general website aims to present the activities of our federal institution.

BIRA-IASB also advertises itself at so-called “permanent” exhibition sites such as:

It also takes part in temporary events and/or exhibitions used to provide information about new developments, and for these it either makes material available or creates it for the occasion.

Space Quiz Space Quiz

In collaboration with the scientists involved, the Communication Unit issues regular press releases to the Belgian media. Our research topics and activities have received wide coverage in various media such as TV networks, magazines and daily newspapers, and various reference websites.

The communication cell also published a series of information sheets on paper about our main research topics, such as ozone, planetary atmospheres, air quality, climate, etc.

Contact: Karolien Lefever


*Schools interested in a visit can explore our activities in the Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, one of the largest planetariums in Europe.


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