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What is BIRA-IASB?

BIRA-IASB Building

The Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) is a Belgian federal scientific research institute.

Created in 1964, its main tasks are research and public service in space aeronomy, which is the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets, and of outer space.

Our scientists rely on ground-based, balloon-, air- or space-borne instruments and computer models.



  • designs and builds instruments to monitor atmospheres and the space environment
  • operates Belgian experiments on board the International Space Station and other satellites
  • participates in international measurement programmes
  • compares observations with numerical simulations to validate and improve our knowledge
  • turns scientific know-how into services to the benefit of society
  • disseminates this knowledge through publications, web services and public outreach.


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