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Mars exhibition opening at UGent Armand Pien public observatory


Good news, you don't have to sit still this summer! The UGent Armand Pien public observatory is reopening its doors to the public today, and has prepared a lot of fresh Mars science for you :

  • an exhibition on Mars (both Dutch and English), with scientific input from the BIRA-IASB researchers (from the NOMAD-instrument on board ExoMars TGO)
  • a Mars-themed night (adapted to the measures concerning a certain generally known virus) with a lecture by Koen Geukens, on August 5 (in Dutch)
  • an online crash course "Leven zoeken op Mars" (in Dutch), with Pieter Mestdagh, who specialises in astrobiology within the Solar System


UGent Armand Pien public observatory website


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Curiosity selfie on a Mars sand dune. Credit: NASA