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Il y a un poste vacant auprès du service B. USOC (Belgian User Support and Operation Centre).

Date de début : en fonction de votre disponibilité
Statut : Contractuel
Public-cible : – 26 ans (Convention de Premier Emploi). Le poste est aussi ouvert à des candidats néerlandophones.
Date limite d’envoi des candidatures : 25 septembre 2020

Deadline for applications

There is a vacancy at B.USOC (Belgian User Support and Operations Centre for space missions and experiments).

Start date : depending on your availability
Statute : Contractual
Deadline for applications : September 25, 2020

Open to both French and Dutch-speaking candidates


Deadline for applications

Due to the coronavirus crisis, all internship applications are currently suspended.

You would like to follow an observation internship at the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB)? Depending on the availability of the different teams we will propose you an individual programme. Please send the following to stage-ae…

It is not possible to send an unsolicited application for administrative or technical functions to the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy. All vacancies are published and filled via SELOR, the Federal Authorities Selection Office.

  1. Please look in the job list above for an open position for a PhD.  OR
  2. Send your spontaneous application (CV, short description of your ambitions and motivations) to If we are able to offer you an opportunity, the relevant departments will contact you directly.