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Gender equality plan for BIRA-IASB

The BIRA-IASB Gender Equality Plan (GEP) (.pdf download, 50 pages) has been written by BIRA-IASB’s Gender & Diversity team that was set up in response to a requirement of European Commission’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

In a first part, we propose an overview of the legislation relevant to gender-based discrimination and violence. Next, we analyse BIRA-IASB’s situation through a presentation of statistical data and an overview of the existing measures related to gender aspects.

Finally, we present our action plan spread over six thematic areas: general actions, work-life balance, leadership and decision-making, recruitment and career progression, research and training, and gender-related violence, including sexual harassment. A glossary at the end provides the definition of the main concepts used in the context of gender studies.