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Educational events archive

Previous events, past exhibitions or locations for a general audience (interested people, families with kids, …) that explained space-aeronomy topics.

Past events: 

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Previous lectures, talks, workshops:

Space Physics:

  • "Comet Interceptor" - Johan De Keyser
  • “Ruimteweer, poollicht en de planeterella”- Johan De Keyser
  • “VLF observations of Whistlers in Humain and Antarctica” - Fabien Darrouzet
  • “Radar observations of aurora” - Gaël Cessateur
  • "Formation des molécules complexes dans l’espace" - Romain Maggiolo
  • "Les champs magnétiques planétaires protègent-ils les atmosphères ?" - Romain Maggiolo 
  • “Impact of space weather on space flight” - Stijn Calders


Radio observations of meteors


Planetary atmospheres:

  • "Origin of water on Mars" - Arianna Piccialli
  • “The history of water on Mars (and on the terrestrial planets)” - Arianna Piccialli
  • "Het VenSpec-H instrument, de Venus Spectrometer" - Sophie Berkenbosch
  • "ExoMars NOMAD" - Séverine Robert (video)

Earth’s atmosphere:

  • "PICASSO, een Belgische cubesat van het BIRA" - Didier Fussen (video)
  • “Pollution atmosphérique sur la Belgique, le lien entre la science et la société” - Catalina Poraicu
  • “Aerosols and volcanoes” - Christine Bingen
  • “Tropospheric chemistry and climate change” - Jenny Stavrakou
  • “High resolution models of air quality in Belgium” - Catalina Poraicu
  • “Emissions from vegetation in past and future projections” - Beata Opacka

Space Aeronomy: