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Itinerary by train, tram or bus

Stops at walking distance from BIRA-IASB

Find departure and arrival times via:

Popular public transport combinations to reach BIRA-IASB

From Brussels Central station

  • Bus 38 (direction of Helden-Héros): stop BRUSSEL-CENTRAAL --> stop MALIBRAN
    Bus 60 (direction of Ukkel Kalevoet): stop MALIBRAN --> stop MERCURIUS
  • Train: station BRUSSEL-CENTRAAL --> station UKKEL KALEVOET
    Bus 60 (direction of AMBIORIX): stop UKKEL KALEVOET --> stop MERCURIUS
  • Tram 92 (direction of Fort Jaco): stop PARK --> stop LANCASTER
    Walk towards the BIRA-IASB, Ringlaan-Avenue Circulaire

From Brussels South station (MIDI)

  • Tram 4 (direction of Stalle): BRUSSEL-ZUID (Midi) --> HELDEN
    Bus 43 (direction of Observatoire): HELDEN --> OBSERVATOIRE
  • Tram 3 (direction of Churchill): BRUSSEL-ZUID (Midi) --> CHURCHILL
    Walk towards bus stop CAVELL
    Bus 60 (direction of Ukkel Kalevoet): CAVELL --> bus stop MERCURIUS

=> Bus 37 connects ALBERT station (lines 3, 4, 51, 48 and 54) and HELDEN, and also train station Sint-Job.

From Brussels Airport Zaventem train station to Sint-Job train station