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More than half of the Institute's scientists are contractual men.

When we look at the level (SW, A, B, C, D), we find the highest percentage of women in level D. They are mainly cleaning ladies. In level C, we find mainly male technical and administrative assistants. In the higher levels (SW, A and B) the percentages of women vary between 25 and 31%.


51% = 53 persons | 21% = 22 persons | 7% = 7 persons

To put these percentages in perspective, for the year 2020 they correspond to 30/105 persons of level SW (29%), 10/32 persons of level A (31%), 3/12 persons of level B (25%), 1/6 persons of level C (17%) and 5/6 persons of level D (83%).


All statistics in this activity report are calculated on 31 December of the year concerned and are based on staff numbers, not on FTE’s (full time equivalents).